The future of clean energy storage

Welcome to a new generation of clean energy storage.

ElektrikGreen provides a 100% emission-free energy storage solution that uses the power of H2O to meet your energy needs. Our hydrogen-based, rack-mounted system is the perfect complement to your solar or grid-supplied electricity. Whether you need backup power, seasonal storage, peak-period support, or security during power outages, ElektrikGreen has you covered.

Zero Carbon Emissions

The ElektrikGreen hydrogen battery is completely CO2-free. No fossil fuels are used to produce electricity and no carbon emissions are released. We use simple electrolysis to create hydrogen from water to store the energy you generate and convert it back to electricity releasing only pure oxygen and water – the elements of H2O. Pair this with your solar system and you’ll significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Compact and Safe

Electricity production from hydrogen is not new. It’s been used for decades in countries across the world for clean energy production. The challenge has always been the size of the equipment necessary to convert and store excess energy as hydrogen.  Our patented system uses safe, proven technologies such as electrolysis and fuel cells that fit in a cabinet about the size of a counter-depth refrigerator.  And, it’s been proven to be safer than propane.  


Unlike lithium-ion batteries that rely on “dirty” source materials that can’t be recycled, our system is completely recyclable. Hydrogen has an infinite life span while batteries are limited to between 5-15 years, which means they’ll be hitting landfills at a record rate over the next decade. Our system can last for 30+ years and all of the materials can be reused.


Stored hydrogen can be used for a vast number of applications. The ElektrikGreen system is excellent for emergency backup power, as a hydrogen filling station for vehicles, to supplement solar installations, to shave peak period usage, to make community microgrids more efficient, and to provide long-term seasonal energy for off-grid homes.


The ElektrikGreen hydrogen battery can be customized and expanded to meet your individual power needs. The small hydrogen tanks have a similar safety profile as the propane you use every day and can be “stacked” to offer the amount of storage you need. 

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