Why Hydrogen?

The hydrogen economy is here.

As the world searches for more environmentally-friendly fuel sources to reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen has risen to the top as a clean, zero-carbon energy resource to replace traditional fossil fuels. It has the potential to decarbonize several industries and supplement renewable energy sources. It is already being widely adopted in Europe as an alternative source and will soon become the clean energy choice in the U.S.

Hydrogen gas has the largest energy content of any fuel, which means that a small amount of hydrogen can store a large amount of energy. It’s also chemically stable and can store energy for long periods of time. The ElektrikGreen system produces hydrogen and converts it back to electricity in an infinite cycle without ever losing its storage ability. It’s much more sustainable than batteries which are best suited to discharge for 4 hours or less and degrade over time. ​

A hydrogen-based storage system can provide power for days or even weeks just by adding more storage tanks. ElektrikGreen customers can rely on a backup power source when they need it – day, night, summer, or winter. By storing surplus energy in the form of hydrogen, renewable energy customers can enjoy a 100% clean, green, long-term storage solution that will continue producing energy for 30 years or more without any loss of performance.

The challenge with renewable energy is that energy production and consumer demand don’t always match. Hydrogen storage supports those times you need it most – during the day to save on peak period usage, at night or on cloudy days when the sun shines less, and during emergencies when the grid goes down. Taking control of your own energy needs rather than relying on government-regulated utilities ensures that you get what you generate from your own system and have the power you need when you need it.

The return on investment for a storage system can be calculated using a variety of criteria. Ongoing maintenance and guaranteed life span should be part of the equation. The ElektrikGreen system has very low maintenance and operational requirements. Only a small amount of water is required to generate the hydrogen and a quick annual inspection along with a fluid change and new water filter will keep your system running efficiently all year round.

As more homes add solar and more send excess energy to the grid, utility companies are reconsidering how they compensate or charge to use and store that energy. States across the country are moving away from net metering policies because supply and demand is changing. The days of receiving full retail rates for your solar-generated energy are nearly gone. It won’t be long until you end up paying to have it stored for you. A hydrogen-based storage system can help you continue to save money and reduce impacts of the ever-changing policies that run the grid.

A better alternative to batteries.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier has significant advantages over lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries.  

Efficient in Extreme Cold

Batteries require heat/energy to operate in cold temperatures and performance can be slow

Efficient in Extreme Heat

Batteries can overheat and charging capacity is significantly reduced in hot temperatures

Infinitely Sizable

Hydrogen energy storage is only limited by the amount of storage tanks stacked in a system

Unlimited Life Span

Hydrogen is regenerative and can be stored indefinitely while batteries only last 5-15 years


Batteries increasingly lose capacity over time until they can no longer hold a charge

Cleaner and Greener

Batteries are made from “dirty” materials that are not recyclable like water and oxygen from hydrogen

ElektrikGreen is now making clean hydrogen storage available to homeowners and businesses in the United States.

Let us help you become part of the movement to a cleaner, greener hydrogen future.